Compilação mundial-virtual (Vol. 4) feita pelo Because God Told Me To Do It

1. “Alarmed Fire” by Neely (2:29)
2. “The Hazing Of The Monks-” by The Black Ark Psychedelick Soul & Jazz Revue (3:01)
3. “Nude With Icecicles” by Brutum Fulmen (8:04)
4. “Cultural Solitude II” by bonequinho (3:12)
5. “In Your Dreams Again” by New Zero God (5:41)
6. “Harmuna Vajola” by Potarek (8:06)
7. “El Eon De Horus” by Vegetal Is (3:20)
8. “Untitled 4″ by The Day Of The Antler (5:33)
9. “Breakfast In L.A.” by Jeweled Scabbard (4:24)
10. “Yes I Did” by Jake Shields (11:15)
11. “Love’s Requiem” by Noir Magnetik (6:21)
12. “Omphaloskepsis” by Brain (9:36)
13. “I Got You” by Stpocold (4:00)
14. “26 (Drone)” by For Kings and Queens (4:45)
15. “Threshold” by Mark Bradley (11:45)
16. “Souvenirs” by Acts Of Worship (4:09)
17.”xxx Track 8 Recording 3″ by Fausto (6:50)

bonequinho é o único nome da América do Sul entre cerca de 50 artistas novos e velhos de todo o mundo. É a primeira compilação feita pelo blog, que criou também o novo KILL YOUR GODZ para divulgação e download de música experimental.
bonequinho is the only name from South America among about 50 old and new artists from around the world. It's the first compilation organized by the blog - it created also the new KILL YOUR GODZ for divulgation and free download of experimental music.

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